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I could not have done this without Insight College Consulting. My consultant helped me with my main college essay. When I started with her I told her I already had a draft so I did not expect to have to do much. My dad wanted a professional to look it over to be sure. About 15 drafts later, I cannot believe I ever considered turning in that original essay! She was able to help me find a topic that was uniquely me but also that she knew would work for admission committees. She seemed to know what I wanted to say even when I could not explain it well and then helped me write it better.

I don’t think a lot of students know what to really write. On our first day she said, “Forget everything you learned in English class about writing papers because now you are going to break all of those rules.” She was right. One of the schools I got into was a super reach school and I really believe it was my essay that got me there. I definitely recommend Insight College Consulting and plan to return in four years for help with graduate school applications!


It was a pleasure to work with Insight College Consulting. My consultant was easy to talk to and communicate with. Professional, knowledgeable and caring, all at the same time. She was extremely helpful going through what can be a very stressful process, providing extensive support at every step. Most important - she was personally invested in my son.  She really got to know him and what makes him tick. She was able to guide him in his writing to help him personalize and streamline his applications to be school stand out. It was not just another cookie cutter college application. She went above and beyond to help him showcase himself "on paper". Success was measured by his many acceptances. So pleased with the results, I highly recommend Insight College Consulting.


— R.J. from Manassas, VA

— J.E. from Long Island, NY

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